Steam Space provides free educational software.

The software is designed to be easy to use for both students and teachers and should provide hooks for teachers to easily retrieve metrics on student usage.

    Our current tool-kit is:
  • Chrome apps for students, and
  • Web sites and Google Docs/Google Drive for teachers.

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Steam Space Apps

Name Description More Info
Spelling Bot

Spelling Bot 2.0

Practice spelling tests assigned by the teacher. Students, see: this video.
Teachers, see: this video.
Spelling Bot

Spelling Bot 1.0

If you are new to Spelling Bot, please use version 2.0 (above). See Video here.
Visual Calculator Visual Calculator View mathematical operations as groupings of prime factors. (*)
Visual Calculator

Formula Toy

View 3-D formulas in a variety of coordinate systems. (*)

(*) A standalone app can be run without requiring a teacher to setup an assignment. Just download it and run it.